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Data drawn from Galleria used to populate the (M)SDS includes:

  • All ECHA dossier Data
  • All notifications to the Classification and Labelling (C&L) inventory
  • Transport Codes (UN, IATA, IMDG, RID/ ADR/ DOT, ADG7 etc.)
  • Occupational Exposure Limits (from over 50 Countries and States)
  • Poisonous and Hazardous Substance Classifications (EU Annex 1 DSD, Annex 6 REACH, Japan, Korea, China, Australia(HSIS), New Zealand(CCID), C&L etc.)
  • Animal Toxicity endpoints (LD50s, LC50s, LOELs, NOELs, DNELs etc)
  • Environmental Toxicity endpoints (Aquatic Toxicity – fish, daphnia, algae, bacteria, PECSs PNECs, NOECs, BCFs, etc)
  • Environmental Fate data (air, land, water)
  • Physical Constants used to compute fate and ecotoxicity (log Kow, log Koc, Henry’s Law Constants)
  • Emergency and Biological Exposure Limits
  • 2D molecular images and 3D molfiles
  • Identification information (Synonyms, CAS, EINECS, Custom codes, EU Index Number, PMN, CI, FEMA, INS, TSCA, PMN) Henry’s Law Constants)

Galleria data feeds all Chemwatch Documents, including


  • All (M)SDS Produced by Chemwatch
  • All (M)SDS Produced by YOU using AuthorITe
  • All Labels generated in Chemwatch
  • Regulatory Filters, Lists of Concern
  • Official Classifications for Substances
  • Transport Information
  • Millions of Synonyms
  • Chemical Structures
  • Tox & Irritation data