Complete Chemical Assets Management

Assets Management applied to Chemicals

We introduce SiSoT as a convenient tool for your inventory management. SISoT uses barcode scan-in scan-out technology. Individual chemical containers may now be easily tracked throughout your organisation.

In addition to all that you would expect from an Assets Management tool, the SiSoT module also covers:

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We’ve integrated all aspects of Chemical Inventory Management into one cloud software solution



SiSoT allows for the request of assets such as chemicals, integrating with your internal purchasing processes. In this instance, SiSoT works with our Approvals module to allow users to request to purchase an asset, have the request approved by the appropriate personnel, and then track the asset on site upon its receipt.

  • Use and view your shopping cart
  • Pre-shopping screen
  • Shopping requests– order from internal warehouse or external supplier
  • Save your shopping cart mid-request
  • Request workflow — approval granted by appropriate personnel
  • Use of Costcodes
  • Requestor cannot approve own request
  • View request progress
  • View receipts
  • Can elect to receive full or part orders

Already SiSoT incorporates an asset catalogue that exceeds 20 million items from over 100 suppliers, with more being added each day.

Receipts IN & OUT

The Receipt function manages the sending and receipt of goods into a location. The Receipt function can be used for the transfer of assets between different storage locations, or for receiving requests from the warehouse/central stores.

Container status

Users can mark the container status as surplus, waste, trash or disposal during stocktake or while they are doing routine laboratory work.


Users can set up central stores/warehouses in their Chemwatch system to identify stock holdings in their physical central stores or warehouses. Requesters can order chemicals from these stores. Store managers can then fulfil the requests by allocating existing stock, or by ordering items they cannot supply from external vendors

Stocktake and Reconciliation

Stocktake provides a physical verification of the quantities and condition of items held in inventory, and identifies missing and misplaced items for each location. Reconciliation mode reports and balances stock discrepancy throughout the folder hierarchy.

Container and Barcoding Engine

We introduce SISoT as a convenient tool for your inventory management. SiSoT uses barcode scan-in scan-out technology. Individual chemical containers may now be easily tracked throughout your organisation.

Armed with a barcode scanner, some action and location barcodes and asset/container, barcodes you can quickly and easily scan to update your manifest.

You can barcode your assets using pre-printed barcodes, or by using the automatic or manual barcode creation functionality within the Chemwatch system.

After moving items into or around your storage locations, you can also perform stocktake and reconciliation to identify and rectify any misplaced or missing items.

Unique barcodes

SiSoT accepts unique barcodes. Every container is labelled with a unique barcode number in our system.

Barcode generation rules

SiSoT can generate barcodes randomly or based on barcode parameters and accepts pre-printed barcodes which can be sourced from label suppliers.

Pre-printed barcodes

Users can pre-print barcodes from the system. Pre-printed barcodes can be used offline or when their physical storage location does not have printing hardware available.

Action barcodes (commands)

Users can operate the system by using action barcodes. All operations in SiSoT can be performed by using scanners.