(M)SDS Authoring Software

(M)SDS Authoring for the World

Author (M)SDS in the Cloud in less then 5 minutes  drawing from a library of 250,000 Substances, 30,000 phrases in 47 languages and 100,000 Rules!


(M)SDS are automatically compliant in 80 countries

Authorite (M)SDS are:

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AuthorITe comes with:

  • More than 250,000 fully classified substances
  • Phrase library of more than 25,000 phrases in 47 Languages
  • Live-link to Regulatory Database (Galleria Chemica)
  • Query the most prevalent classification in the C&L inventory from the 3.5 million notifications submitted to ECHA
  • REACH USES – ECHA descriptor system built into the Engine.
  • Toxicity and Irritation – Automatically generate Classifications and M-Factors based on GHS /CLP rules .
  • All ECHA Dossier data is granulated and available to capture latest Classifications
  • Auto-calculation for Respirators and Glove Selection
  • DG & UN Number Prediction algorithms
  • Automatic Update functionality when regulation changes
  • Optional 24/7 Emergency Response Service in 150 Languages